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Spectacular Stump

Posted by Liz Jane’s Lens on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Same stump, new spectacle, and at no cost! That’s the amazing story of this humble stump of a once majestic drumstick tree in our garden. After a large part of its trunk broke off in a heavy downpour, the tree was cut down in the hope it would grow out new branches again. It almost happened, but not quite, and the tree slowly died out, until one day we noticed that it had become a magnificent host- to the most spectacular display of (magic) mushrooms, this August.

But we were forced to dig the stump out later and discard it to make space for new plants. Yet, in it’s discarded new location, it continues to play a stage. On show, are the most spectacular kinds of mushrooms every other day. The wet weather through most of November, is making sure there’s something incredible to behold when you least expect it. I especially like the little ones, soaked in shiny droplets that look almost like jujups

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If you didn’t know it was just fungus, I bet you’d want to pop one in your mouth…