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Meeting and talking to the Dalai Lama

It isn’t everyday that you get to share living, breathing space with someone as special as the Dalai Lama. And to get to interview him, is one incredible bonus. After being quite overwhelmed just to be preparing for the possibility of speaking to him, I did finally manage a decent interview, I think.

In an almost hour-long conversation, for the┬áTrans Asia News Service (TANS), we talked about a range of issues, from┬áTibet, to the disconnect between the real nature of Islam and the contemporary image of the religion, the eerie parallel between this and the teachings of Buddhism and radical Buddhists, feminism, the nature of India and the intolerance debate, and much more…

You can catch the entire interview here

The interview was also carried by the Kashmir Observer newspaper

A version of the interview published on the official website of the Dalai Lama, http://www.dalailama.com is available here

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There’s a video of the interview on YouTube as well. Here’s the link: