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Digital Devices and Learning to Grow Up

Sharing an excellent blog by that ties in well with the concerns I expressed in an earlier blog about parenting and the generational conflicts over modern technology. 

Digital Devices and Learning to Grow Up


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Expert Tip On How To Stop Procrastinating

For anyone bitten by the procrastination bug like me… a winner of a solution that involves “bundling behaviors you are tempted to do with behaviors that you should do, but often neglect.”

Read more: http://jamesclear.com/temptation-bundling#ixzz3ev4SRz3m

Matthew Killorin

person using computerIf you’re like me you’re always searching for ways to beat procrastination.

I wanted to share an article I found that offers some helpful tips on how to get stuff done.

Check out the article via the link below, and share your anti-procrastination tips in the comments.

“I struggle at the end of a long day to get myself to the gym even though I know that I should go. And at the end of a long day, I also struggle with the desire to watch my favorite TV shows instead of getting work done.

And so I actually realized that those two temptations, those two struggles I faced, could be combined to solve both problems.”

-Katy Milkman, Wharton School of Business

via This psychological trick will help you stop procrastinating – Business Insider.

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Freewheeling in a nutshell

Don’t you think its odd how a fleeting moment can expand to encompass a lifetime? A lifetime of visions and experiences? And when you combine several such moments and let them dot a landscape to tell a story, they come alive in the most surprising string of tales. Each a gem, some dusty and grimy, others more shiny perhaps, depending on where you shine the light on them. As you shift your torch, perspectives change and with it, the stories…

This blog is a window. An opening where you catch brief glimpses and jottings about random and not-so-random goings on. Reflections and conversations… some real, others imagined…

I hope to pick a few leaves out of my mixed bough, green and not so green, my bough of life as a professional journalist in Indian television for over a decade, my years of trial and error in various other professions in cities ranging from Bombay, to Delhi, London, to Naples and Bangalore… and my various other lives and loves… the many pets that have defined the milestones of my life, the culinary delights that have indulged me, the special people who introduced me to them and why Yoga must be the key to wellbeing…

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Hello world!

Sometimes words aren’t enough… they can do with some help from images and add dimensions with sounds to unleash their magic! I’m just starting out here, so I guess its natural to be a little ambitious. Hopefully, this will be a journey of finding and telling some untold stories…