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Freewheeling in a nutshell

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Don’t you think its odd how a fleeting moment can expand to encompass a lifetime? A lifetime of visions and experiences? And when you combine several such moments and let them dot a landscape to tell a story, they come alive in the most surprising string of tales. Each a gem, some dusty and grimy, others more shiny perhaps, depending on where you shine the light on them. As you shift your torch, perspectives change and with it, the stories…

This blog is a window. An opening where you catch brief glimpses and jottings about random and not-so-random goings on. Reflections and conversations… some real, others imagined…

I hope to pick a few leaves out of my mixed bough, green and not so green, my bough of life as a professional journalist in Indian television for over a decade, my years of trial and error in various other professions in cities ranging from Bombay, to Delhi, London, to Naples and Bangalore… and my various other lives and loves… the many pets that have defined the milestones of my life, the culinary delights that have indulged me, the special people who introduced me to them and why Yoga must be the key to wellbeing…


Author: Elizabeth Jane

I am an India-based freelance journalist. When I'm not busy being a mum, I sometimes pick up the camera, cook up a little something in my head or the kitchen, potter around the plants, roll around with the dogs, ponder about things, pick on many others or stretch out on the yoga mat. At other times I like to document things in no particular order of significance...

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