Welcome to my stream of consciousness…


Welcome. Here’s where I hitch a ride from time to time. From catching fleeting thoughts and memories to ruminating on things that matter to me. As I navigate life’s roller-coaster through its highs and lows, I hope to capture a few moments that stand out.

From parenting dilemmas to discovering the thrills and chills of inching closer to life’s second innings, revisiting the high-points of an exciting career in TV and media, to discussing my ‘pet’ interests, I’ll try to stir the pot occasionally to keep the interest! Lemme know what you think…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Liz! Just came across this by chance! Love your style of writing!! Ranjana (An Old Friend)


    • Hey Ranjana ☺ What a lovely, pleasant surprise!! How have you been? Its years since we heard from each other. Every time I peel a sour orange (which is often) I think of what you once told me about how sour fruits are had in Meghalaya. I still remember our conversations about the matriarchal system amongst the Khasi and your love for music & books. Seeing Simone reminds me of you too… I think I remember quite a lot 😊 So good to hear from you. Thanks for the (positive) feedback and please stay in touch…


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